Quality Control

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 We are committed to offer our valued clients the best quality investment powders. Investment casting, offered by us, reaches you after passing very tough lab testing at our plant, according to International standards norms. Thus, one can bank upon our name for getting quality assured product.

In order to produce the products most suitable for users, all Products are Subject to Frequent and Thorough Quality Control Examinations from Incoming Raw Materials to the Finished Product. Each Batch of Investment Powder is cast to Ensure the Material will Produce Clean, Sharp, Nodule-Free Castings.

Standard laboratory chemicals are normally perfectly satisfactory and it should not be necessary for a research laboratory to invest substantial effort in setting up in-house testing procedures.

We do utmost for the safety of raw materials.

1. Material Sources:

All the Gem materials are procured from the superior fine material resource this has greatly guaranteed the quality of raw materials.

2. Fixed procurement sources:

After performing strict procedures to appraise the suppliers of raw materials (supplier history, reputation, strength, output, product quality and other factors), fix the selected qualified suppliers , this has guaranteed the procured materials are safe and up to the required quality standards.

3. Test and approval performance of the incoming materials:

All the incoming materials must be tested and checked before use. Procedures include: check the labels, appearance, packing, certificate of analysis, fill out the delivery record book, taking sample and analyse it by QA department, keeping representative samples, issue quality approval certificate by QA department, certificate of analysis etc. The materials will be ready for use only after undergoing above procedures and proved to be qualified.

The final investment powder is as rigorously quality control tested as the extradite to ensure it meets the specification of the customer or market. As the particle size distribution is a critical factor in the successful use of the powder the particles are analysed for their precise particle size distribution.